DofTNet Origami

Welcome to DofTNet Origami

So here's a start to the all new DofTNet Origami site... It's not much yet, but as we get the hang of using the Pico instance on the DofTNet Cloud server, it ought to improve. Soon we'll have a new instructions for roses and for molecule models, and of course globe kits.

What's New

Adding some photos to the Gallery page - a few photos from the 2013 Pacific Coast Origami convention and some of DofT's origami roses, origami molecules, and origami globes, and a few other interesting thigns. Check it out!

DofT's original set of Icosahedron Origami Globes have now been posted to the globes page. These were the surviving kits left on DofT's google drive after the crash. The full size images link to the kits so you can once again create your own origami solar system!

Mobile friendly! DofT has tweaked the theme layout code to be more usable on mobile devices. If the tabs for a page are too big to fit on the screen, the menu switches to a stacked menu opened with the menu icon ≡. The gallery pages also allow you to bring up the next or previous image by swiping left or right.

Origami Rose Instructions! DofT has made some additional tweaks to the image gallery script for better usability, and has raided the WayBack Machine for the old instructions for the rose, base, and stem and populated the diagrams page with those images and descriptions.

At some point, he'll probably make all-new instructions for the rose in addition to video instructions, but for now, he's going to focus on populating the rest of the site.

Also, the about page has a long-winded story about DofT and Origami.

Elsewhere on the site, he's filling in content as he finds the time.


Looking forawrd to getting the rest of these pages populated. If you feel like getting in touch with DofT, the best place to do so right now is on Facebook.