DofTNet Origami

Origami Globes

Origami Globes by DofTNet

This will eventually contain information on DofT's Origami Globes and the process used to create them. Eventually he may even make a kit generator available.

The Inspiration

The idea for this project was inspired by this kit that DofT found at the NOAA website. He liked making origami icosahedrons, and wanted to figure out how to apply the graphics from the NOAA project to the triangle edge modules.

After a lot of tedious work, he managed to chop up the original graphics from the NOAA kit and apply the parts to 30 half-squares that could be folded into triangle edge modules and, if properly assembled, gave the same result.

DofT used the kit he created as a template and with a few other programs and some scripting to tie it all together, managed to make it possible to wrap any suitibly projected map around an icosahedron.

He then set about making similar templates and scripts to build dodecahedrons and traditional waterbomb cubes.