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A Variation on a Sonobe unit

Sonobe Unit Variation

Each atom is made from a number of sonobe units. DofT uses the following scheme:

Element Modules Color
Hydrogen 3 White
Oxygen 8 Red
Nitrogen 8 Blue
Carbon 8 Black
Phosphorus 30 Purple
Sulfur 30 Yellow

Other elements can be represented with various colors as you see fit.

Period 1 elements are tiny (of which only hydrogen can make bonds anyway) and can be represented with 3 unit constructions. Period 2 elements - carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. - are represented with 8 unit constructions. Elements in period 3 and beyond, like sulfur and phosphorus, are larger still, and the few times he's tried building molecules with them, he's used the larger 30 unit constructions.. with mild success. He's going to experiment with it some to see if there's a better way of representing the larger elements.